Hockeystick Portal

All-in-one data portal designed for member associations to see, share and understand their data.

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Grow your membership

Attract new members to your association with a customized, members-only data portal where participants can securely share data, access proprietary data on their industry and network with other experts.

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Provide actionable insights

Spend less time collecting data and more time sharing up-to-date, industry-relevant metrics. Members can use these metrics to develop benchmarks and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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Become a thought leader

Produce the latest industry research with your exclusive portal insights and become a strong voice for your membership and beyond.

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Who Already Uses Hockeystick Portal? 


CVCA grey-2




"Switching to Hockeystick Portal feels like an upgrade from driving a classic Volkswagen Beetle kept together with duct tape to a Tesla."

- Darrell Pinto, VP, Research and Industry Advancement, CVCA


What Is Hockeystick Portal? 

Intelligence and insight at your fingertips

A private members-only portal where your members can keep up with industry trends, discover new business opportunities and connect with fellow members. With Hockeystick Portal, data becomes a part of your organization’s DNA, enabling you to demonstrate your impact and grow your membership — all on one secure platform.

  • Highly-secure data portal with an easy-to-use interface

  • Every member owns their own data and has full control over who it is shared with

  • Advanced search and filtering tools

  • Management tools for project proposals and funding applications


Who Is Hockeystick Portal For?

Member associations and government programs working in the tech and innovation ecosystem. 



Member Associations






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