Introducing: Hockeystick Pro

Access key information on Canada's top technology firms. Hockeystick has the largest database of Canadian companies categorized by stage, size, vertical, location and other criteria. View a company's fundraising information including data on investors and syndicates, key deal terms, etc.

Hockeystick also includes information about investors in every asset class, from early-stage accelerators to late-stage private equity.

Hockeystick's unique, high-quality dataset is powered by exclusive data relationships with top investors, associations and companies including:



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Powerful Search Tools

Use Hockeystick advanced search to create complex queries for drilling down into the data. Create and save custom views.

Export data to Excel or Google Sheets.

API access, eg for CRM integration, is available to enterprise clients.

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Hockeystick Research

Get early access to Hockeystick research and infographics as well as new datasets only available in Hockeystick Pro.