Private Equity

Private equity firms can gather high-quality portfolio data, make comparisons and see industry trends.

Hockeystick was designed for the private equity community. Its functionality creates a powerful system for accurately tracking, comparing and predicting portfolio company performance.


Private equity firms are dependent on manual, resource-intensive processes to fulfill their reporting obligations. General partners are spending too much time chasing portfolio companies for data, and trying to keep up with limited partner reporting demands — all while using an outdated stack of tools to accomplish this.

This results in a lack of standardized portfolio data, which limits a fund’s ability to compare and analyze investments over the long-term.


Access to better data is the foundation of modern fund’s operations. Hockeystick’s fully-integrated solution enables firms to take control of their portfolio’s lifecycle.


Features applicant

Deal Flow Management

  • Create intake applications and workflow steps for new investments
  • Funnel deals to a single team member or a group for screening
  • Trigger email notifications when a workflow step is complete
  • Export data to CSV, Excel or synchronize with Salesforce
Portfolio Reporting

Portfolio Reporting

  • Automatically collect financial statements and KPIs through reports
  • Take advantage of flexible scheduling, due dates and notifications
  • Ensure high reporting rates by automating company reminder emails
  • Use built-in report templates or design your own
Features dataviz

Data Visualizations

  • Create powerful, intuitive dashboards that
    visualize any collected metric
  • Customize and export reported data to an
    Excel or CSV
Features processing

Financial Data Importer

  • Automatically collect company financial statements: income statement, balance sheet or trial balance
  • Connect to any accounting software that can export to Excel or CSV
  • Map unique accounts from a company to your fund
  • Reconcile different fiscal year ends and report periods
  • Create aggregated fund reports: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow or custom ratios and metrics
Features crm

Portfolio CRM

  • Store company details, completed reports, deal documents and contracts
  • Integrate data from existing CRM systems with our API
  • Add custom fields and customize your CRM based on your unique requirements

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Using Hockeystick doesn’t just result in faster, more efficient information flows, it results in better data all round.

Implementing an automated approach to data has an immediate ROI: it reduces the time and cost of getting data, while increasing its accuracy.

  • Increase reporting rates by 75%
  • Decrease time spent collecting data by 60%
  • Prospect

    Track, share and evaluate fund prospects with a customizable deal flow management system.

  • Gather

    Automatically collect standardized portfolio metrics via reports, data integrations and financial modelling.

  • Analyze

    Analyze collected data through customizable, visual dashboards, CSV and Excel exports.

  • Manage

    Monitor company-level details such as prior funding rounds, current financial and non-financial metrics with a portfolio CRM system.

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