Open Database

We Are Building the Largest Open Database of Canadian Startups and Investors

This ambitious project will include private companies and early-stage funders including accelerators, angel groups, venture capital funds, private equity firms and government programs. Hockeystick is leading this project but ultimately it is a project owned by the community.


Explore the open database now.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of data to make better companies, investors and markets. On the other hand, the lack of good, standardized data is a drag on the performance of the entire private market.

We see a future where high-quality data is available to everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding or an investor seeking the next unicorn. We believe in the power of data to produce meaningful insights, including predictive ones, and to drive better returns.

We also believe in openness, which is why we’ve released this database under an open data license.

How We Built This

All of the data in the open database is sourced from publicly available data. This includes government open data, company and fund websites and press releases, as well as data directly contributed from countless startups and funders who believe in what we’re doing. This means that the database is not crowdsourced data but based on authoritative sources.

Owners of companies and funds have the exclusive right to publish data to their public record. We will be rolling out this functionality in the near future.

Many companies and investors already use Hockeystick. Data in the open database is totally separate from other Hockeystick data and companies have full control over what information to share publicly.

If you would like to contribute data to this project please contact us.

Open Taxonomy

A fundamental goal of the project is not only data, but producing a standard taxonomy for the early-stage market. The market is and should be diverse, but we should stop using different words to describe the same thing. Our open taxonomy (which is available under the open database license) includes standard descriptors for companies, funding entities, sectors, investment securities and accounting.

We invite feedback and commentary on the taxonomy, which you can access here

Our Roadmap

The open database is a work in progress. Our goal at launch was to create a taxonomy, a technical infrastructure and to seed the database with an initial research effort. With over 8,000 entries at launch, we have achieved our initial goals.

We expect people to find inaccuracies, missing data and questionable categorization choices. That’s why every page in the open database has a call to action to get involved: claim your record, suggest changes and contribute ideas for making the database better.

Here are some upcoming features on our short-term roadmap:

  • Verified accounts (a prerequisite to self-publishing data)
  • APIs (matching, aggregate statistics, bulk downloading)
  • New infographics and data visualizations
  • Enhanced fundraising search
  • Data on provincial funding programs


Where did the data come from?

All data was sourced from existing open databases, or with direct approval of the owner of the data, or from publicly available information on company or investor websites, press releases etc. No data was taken from proprietary databases or crowdsourced (i.e. unattributed) data sources.

How do I make corrections or add data?

Click here to submit a suggested change or correction. The Hockeystick data team will review and add to the database if there is a public source for data.

I am the owner of a company or fund. How can I claim my account?

The legal owner of any entity in the Hockeystick open database has the exclusive right to claim their account and make changes to their data. This functionality will be enabled in the near future. If you would like to participate in our Early Access program, contact us.

I want to contribute bulk data.

Please contact our data partnerships team. Note that any database you contribute must be compatible with the open database license.

I have a Hockeystick/Launchspot account. Is my data public?

No. The open database is totally separate from any existing Hockeystick tool. If you own a legal entity in the database and want to claim your account and make changes, you will be able to do so.

I manage a portfolio on Hockeystick. How can I use the open database?

Currently, your Hockeystick portfolio is separate from the open database. In the future, you will be able to automatically import open data into your Hockeystick account.

What does the license allow me to do with this data?

Please go here to learn more about the open database license and how it works.

Does Hockeystick sell this data?

No. The open database is free to use and Hockeystick does not sell this data.

Is this a Canadian-only database?

No. We are in the process of adding data from international companies and investors.

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