Accelerators need data to track performance. But for seed and scale-up programs, the portfolio reporting and analysis needed to track results can be challenging. Hockeystick eases this burden by automating how accelerators collect and analyze company performance and by instantly delivering powerful impact reports to stakeholders. See how your programming correlates to company performance and discover ways to make your application process more efficient.

Top three features:

Hockeystick has acquired and both platforms are available to Canadian accelerators free of charge thanks to our partnership with the Lazaridis Institute.


Measure your impact and make it grow by simplifying startup data collection and impact reporting.


“Data-based decision making should be a fundamental part of every accelerator's operational strategy. Data is only as good as the methods that are used to collect it. Sound, consistent company reporting is the starting point and Hockeystick gives us that and more.”

Tabatha Laverty

Marketing & Community Manager, Accelerator Centre

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Accurately tracking investing activity and exits, drives angel group membership and returns. Most angel group managers don’t value portfolio management until it’s too late. Hockeystick gives you the data and software needed to streamline member and portfolio management, source better deals and drive better returns — all in one place.

Top three features:


Start managing your angel group's portfolio and streamline reporting for improved returns.

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“Hockeystick provides my angel group with reliable record retention, company reports, portfolio industry weightings and helpful and timely service. Having one location to hold all our portfolio information is very valuable.”

Rob Douglas

Managing Director, Golden Triangle Angel Network


Data is a strategic asset in all aspects of government innovation programs. But as capital, talent, and infrastructure are deployed, it becomes challenging for program managers to collect data and measure impact in a streamlined and accurate way. Hockeystick provides a feature-rich platform for delivering and measuring government innovation programs. Hockeystick complies with government security, privacy and data residency requirements.

Top three features: 


Add speed, accuracy, transparency and ease of communication when you leverage Hockeystick to manage every stage your innovation program.

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"We work with thousands of clients on an ongoing basis, and previously relied upon a lengthy, quarterly reporting process that wasn’t generating the results we were looking for. Hockeystick gets us the data we need in a format that works for us, and has also given us the flexibility to change our reporting process as we see what’s working and what’s not."

Nick Yeo

Senior Program Manager, Futurpreneur


In the private debt world, deal flow and financial data collection are two key responsibilities of a fund. Hockeystick is an automated solution for collecting monthly financial data including trial balances, income statements and balance sheets. Our technology automatically maps company account structures to a standardized format, saving weeks of time collecting and cleaning data. Reporting via dashboards or powerful custom exports, helps fund managers manage risk and fulfill their reporting obligations.

Top three features: 


Access to better data is the foundation of modern fund’s operations. Hockeystick’s fully-integrated solution enables firms to take control of the entire private investment lifecycle.


“More data means more possibilities. In just a few clicks, Hockeystick allows us to produce dynamic reports that keep our investors, and ourselves, updated. Now we can focus more energy on doing deals and adding value to our companies.”

Nicole LeBlanc

Director of Strategic Investments & Women in Tech, BDC Capital

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Data has become a key driver in the venture capital industry: having access to the best deals and the best portfolio data is a competitive advantage. Hockeystick provides a complete data-driven back office for VC firms. Source deals with the Hockeystick database. Manage screening and diligence with our deal flow tools and CRM. Collect data from portfolio companies using low-impact, automated reports that roll-up to create detailed aggregate dashboards and reports, including LP reports.

Top three features:


Access to better data is the foundation of a modern fund’s operations. Hockeystick’s fully-integrated solution enables firms to take control of the entire private investment lifecycle.


Hockeystick makes analysis and reporting more efficient, allowing funds to get more insights and value out of their data, while increasing the amount of time that they can spend supporting their portfolio companies. This means lower costs, more revenue, and a better bottom line.”

Matthew Leibowtz

Partner, Plaza Ventures

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Hockeystick is the number one platform used by early-stage funders. Joining Hockeystick is free and gives your company access to funding opportunities and business support programs while making your company visible to funders looking for investment and M&A opportunities. You own and control your data and you can use Hockeystick to publish updates to your board, investors and other stakeholders.

Top three features:


Join the #1 community of early-stage funders and startups.


“I have to say that getting started with Hockeystick was easy and straightforward — its user interface is really intuitive. Personally, I like the adding a document feature best. It allows me to share files that give my investors greater context to what I outlined in my monthly report.”

Caitlin MacGregor

Co-Founder & CEO, Plum

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