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Open Database

Unlock the private markets right from your browser. Our open database leverages open and proprietary data sources to help you find, track and analyze the entities you care about most.

  • Leverage advanced search and filtering functionality to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds
  • Get the real story by accessing detailed data that you can’t find anywhere else
  • Save your search parameters and create custom lists of the organizations you care about most
  • Perform your own analysis by exporting lists to CSV or Excel formats
  • Create, update and share your own Hockeystick record

Explore the open database now.


Deal Flow

Hockeystick’s deal flow functionality automates the sourcing, tracking, and management of opportunities with configurable workflows. It was designed to satisfy the requirements of multiple tasks, like investment and application management.

  • Source opportunities using unlimited filters to find the deals you’re looking for
  • Create intake applications, workflow steps and funnel deals to an individual team member or group for screening
  • Decide which deals to pursue based on qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Trigger email notifications when a workflow step is complete
  • Export data in CSV or Excel formats


Hockeystick’s reporting functionality automates and streamlines this process for all stakeholders while ensuring that investors get the right information at the right time.

  • Create or choose built-in templates and automatically collect financial, KPI and performance data
  • Take advantage of flexible scheduling, due date, and notification functionality
  • Ensure high reporting rates by automating and customizing reminder emails to respondents
  • Extract and share actionable insights with your colleagues so you can drive business forward


Forget manual data entry and error-riddled spreadsheets. Hockeystick’s CRM is an organized and centralized database for all of the entities that you’re monitoring and tracking. This means that you’ll never have to dig through a messy inbox or spreadsheet to find the information you’re looking for again.

  • Store company details, completed reports, deal documents and contracts
  • Integrate data from your existing CRM systems with our API
  • Add custom fields and customize your CRM based on your requirements


Leave manual chart builders behind. Hockeystick’s interactive, real-time dashboard pushes your insights to the surface instead of leaving them buried in your Excel spreadsheets.

Ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions with Hockeystick’s dashboard.

  • Build your own data visualization platform from scratch or customize pre-built dashboards to suit your needs
  • Highlight and filter existing financial and non-financial data to ensure a comprehensive analysis
  • Track actual performance against goals or forecasts to make informed decisions
  • Customize visualizations with different chart and widget types to see the same results from a different angle




Keep proprietary data secure while still providing access through fine-grained permission controls. Create an easy-to-find, easy-to-secure destination for your data and say goodbye to the “just email me that spreadsheet” mindset.

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Who It’s For



Simplify your startup data collection and impact reporting to maximize performance.

Angel Groups

Angel Groups

Actively manage your angel group's portfolio and streamline reporting for improved returns.



Accelerate digital transformation to improve efficiency and stimulate innovation.

Private Debt

Private Debt

Gather high-quality portfolio data, make comparisons and see industry trends.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Take control of your investment lifecycle by accessing the best deals and best portfolio data.

Share and collaborate securely


Join the #1 community of early-stage funders and startups.


Data Sharing for Member Driven Organizations

Create a private data portal that only you and your members can access.

Extend the value of your data across your entire organization with Hockeystick. Empower your members with the freedom to search, browse and visualize membership data and research in a trusted and sophisticated environment, while having peace of mind that your data and analytics are governed, secure and accurate.

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