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Canadian Accelerators and Incubators
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Are You a Canadian Accelerator or Incubator?

The Lazaridis Institute has provided funding to give every Canadian accelerator and incubator a free Hockeystick account for the next five years.

Joining Hockeystick allows you to tell your unique story by connecting your data to the wider tech ecosystem, including your impact metrics and the growth of your portfolio companies.


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Your Account Includes

  • Applicant Management System
    Track, share and evaluate program prospects.
  • Survey and Data Collection Tools
    Automatically collect standardized portfolio metrics via surveys and data integrations.
  • CRM Feature
    Monitor company-level details such as prior funding rounds, current financial and non-financial metrics.
  • Dashboards and Export Capabilities
    Analyze collected data through customizable dashboards and exports.

Benefits of Joining

  • Automate Existing Processes
    Design applicant workflows that match your existing processes.
  • Standardized Reporting
    Simplify the process of reporting for companies while receiving better data.
  • Benchmark Progress
    Access research data feeds and aggregate ecosystem statistics.
  • Meet Funder Requirements
    Easily identify impact analysis, and produce partner and funder reports.
  • Security and Privacy
    Hockeystick has a robust security, privacy and confidentially model that ensures data protection.


Data Advisory Panel

Steve Bailey
Director of Operations, Lazaridis Institute

Mike Woollatt
CEO, Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

Yuri Navarro
CEO, National Angel Capital Organization

Jesse Rodgers
CEO, Volta

Yevgeniy Vahlis
Director on the Impact Team, Georgian Partners

Angela Tran Kingyens
Principal, Version One Ventures

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is available for any accelerator, incubator or non-profit startup organization based in Canada. Not sure if you are eligible or want to learn more details? Read our FAQ.


Is Hockeystick really free?

Hockeystick is really, truly free for all Canadian accelerators and incubators. These organization’s can add unlimited startups and users to their account at no additional cost.

Who is eligible? 

Canadian accelerators, incubators and non-profit startup organizations are eligible for free Hockeystick accounts. To confirm your eligibility, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Who owns the data?

Hockeystick is designed to create value for everyone in the tech ecosystem. Ownership and control of the data will reside with the originator of the data, the startup; Hockeystick preserves this fundamental value. Every company has full control over what data they decide to share.

Anyone who receives data has full rights to use that copy of it without risk that it can be modified or deleted by the original owner.

What if I use Salesforce or another 3rd party platform?

Hockeystick recognizes that connectivity into existing systems and processes increases efficiency for our customers. We provide integration service which allows our system to communicate with third-party platforms, like Salesforce.

Note: API integrations are an additional cost for the organizations who want them. 

Do these free accounts include maintenance?

Yes. Maintenance is included, keeping you up-to-date and giving you access to Hockeystick’s ongoing product releases and support services at no additional cost.